Recommended Reading

Low Cost Counseling Centers

Publicly funded adult and youth community-based mental health service system with several locations and in-home options throughout Georgia

A welcoming community that provides counseling, career support, and services for older adults and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities regardless of age, race, religion, national origin, or ability to pay

A nonprofit community counseling center offering psychotherapy and support groups to people of all ages and backgrounds in Sandy Springs and Cobb County

Where potential clients can find therapists offering discounted sessions ($30-50) 

Eating Disorder Community Resources

A nonprofit national resource that offers an eating disorders helpline, local free support groups, grocery buddies, and recovery mentors


Free Support Group

Utilizing the 12 step approach with anonymous meetings online, in person, or over the phone, OA is a fellowship of individuals who, through shared experience, strength, and hope are recovering from compulsive overeating, under eating, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, orthorexia, or over exercising 

Eating disorder education, outreach and awareness

In crisis?

Please call 911, go to your nearest emergency room, or call any of the listed hotlines to speak to a trained professional immediately.