I believe in everyone's need to feel safe and seen in the world.

Find your own oasis: A teen girl's path to wellness.

Needing a safe, accepting place to turn? Feeling left out or confused? Overwhelmed by school, friendships, or your identity? It's tough being a teen sometimes!

Have fun, connect with peers, and feel more confident!


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Free Support Group:

For people struggling with:
Eating Disorders
Disordered Eating
Body Image

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Lumi (Luminous), my canine co-therapist is present during sessions. The psychological benefits of the human-canine connection include enhanced trust and reduced stress through the release of the hormone, oxytocin, ideal components for aiding therapeutic progress. 

Why work with me?

Imagine feeling as if you are worthy of all the goodness that life has to offer. I’m here to guide you in creating a more loving, accepting relationship with yourself so you can reach optimum psychological wellness. When you understand and love yourself, issues that once seemed insurmountable are overcome. As someone who has also struggled, I know how powerless you can feel when life is dictated by fear, anxiety, shame, or depression. I also know how important it is to find a therapist that gets you and cares about you. I believe in my clients (children, adolescents, couples, and families) and the therapeutic relationship I share with each of them is a deeply important honor to me. When you share a safe, secure bond with your therapist, therapy has the potential to be transformative.

I was featured as the eating disorders & body image expert on GRRRL: Beauty is the Beast. View the trailer below!

It is unethical for therapists to solicit endorsements from past or present clients.  With this in mind, I am fortunate to have permission to publish the following unsolicited encouraging statements.


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